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Can a 16 year old travel on an international flight alone?

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I have to go to india in sept 2009 for an exam for 10th grade. My parents have lost a lot of money in stock assets. now my mom is saying that I might have to go to india by myself then. Because my dad cannot afford to go there without a job. I want to know if it is even possible for me to travel alone at 16 years old on an international flight. And even if I can, do you think that its safe.
I travel a lot domestically. But I havent gone international in 6 years. And my parents handled everything then
I already know that you can travel domestically alone as a minor. But I do know that the air hostes has to accompany you during the connecting flight change. I want to know if there are any different rules for international flights where you have to have a visa.
I am going through amsterdam or singapore. Are those safe airports. I have been through amsterdam but not through singapore.

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  1. w/ all the paperwork most likely. unless ur an experienced traveller, not a great idea

  2. I flew by myself several times when I was under 16, all I needed was a written authorisation from my parents. They didn’t even ask for it at the airport, but I think that is all you would need.

  3. yes, you can travel regards to someone meeting you on the other side? do you speak the language? I personally have traveled to germany twice with connecting flights and I was fine..just don’t speak to strangers and be aware of your surroundings.

  4. YES U CAN. ITS SAFE if u need help u can ask anyone. and ur by ur self no oen will talk to u unless u talk to them.

  5. Yes you can but you need proof like your parents letter of consent allowing you to travel internationally.

  6. yes u can…nd yes itz safe dnt u worry bout a thing everything will b alrite but u do have about a year till then so just relax

  7. Everything should be fine. Call your agency and inform them your flying alone and they will confirm whether you need a note or any documents to support you flying alone internationally.
    With regards to safety, you are in an airport with high security and many employees and many travellers aswell with families. If you are waiting for a flight, stay where its busy and safiest so everyone can see you. Make sure you hold onto your stuff and don’t hesitate to ask questions to employees if you are conufsed. They are there to help and it is their job to make you feel secure, that is waht they are trained for.
    English is a mandatory language so they all speak english so you can communicate.
    Good Luck :)

  8. Above 5 years you can travel alone with parents consent.Via Singapore also very safe.

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