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Can a person travel INSIDE the USA with a mexican passport?

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I have been searching the whole web but they don’t have an answer for me. I’m planning to travel to another state with my bf, who is an immigrant, but all he has is a mexican passport and a matricula. I don’t know if that will be valid enough to fly from one state to another.

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  1. Since he is travelling within the United States, he doesn’t really need a passport except for identification purposes. If he has a photo ID other than his passport, that’s actually all he needs to present. He will only need a passport when he travels outside the United States.

  2. That would work. He just needs a picture ID.

  3. Travel from one state to another in the US is unrestricted, just get in a car and drive, there are no checkpoints. For a plane, you just need valid ID of some kind, IIRC, but check the airline’s web site, I’m sure they have a listing of “to board, you will need, X, Y, & Z…”

  4. As long as he is here legally. A passport is only used for international transportation, not interstate.

  5. Yes, but it might be required for stamping at the Miami-Dade County border.

  6. If he is travelling by road or train, he doesn’t need any documents. If he is flying, some airlines accept matricula consular, but others don’t. A foreign passport will be accepted by all airlines. He will have no problem with a Mexican passport.

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