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Does air travel with a broken bone cause pain?

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I was told that flying with a fractured bone would cause a lot of pain due to cabin pressure. Anyone know from experience?

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6 comments to “Does air travel with a broken bone cause pain?”

  1. The pressure does impact you painfully but the jarring/turbulence will hit you more!

  2. No, the aircraft is usually pressurized to around 8,000′
    the pressure (or lack of at altitude ) is not the cause of the pain, the broken bone is.

  3. I think if it is a recent break it can be painful in an unpressurized aircraft. Airliners are presurrized so you should be fine.

  4. Not anymore than in your car or on a bus.

  5. Only if the jack *** in front of you reclines into it, or, like happened to me with a dislocated hip, they miss the doorway and jam the bad leg into the wall while wheeling you around.

  6. I travelled with a broken arm and leg, didn’t cause me anymore pain than being on the ground, unless it’s a bumpy landing and the fracture gets jarred.

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