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how much kgs of luggage is allowed in an international flight when travelling on student visa?

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i have to go to australia in august for studies on a student visa..i just wanted to know tat how many kgs of luggage is allowed….

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  1. The type of visa is irrelevant. What matters is the type of ticket; you can probably haul 20 kilos without extra charge. Check with the airline; their web site probably has the data.

  2. check with you airline and make sure you know what the weight is calculated in…..for instance some of the weight allowance’s in are done in lbs………….

    Also the only ones that can go over and NOT pay extra is traveling military [on orders] everyone else pays to go over their limit.

  3. Two bags no more than 70 lbs a piece and one carry on no more than 15 lbs. Airlines vary. Check your tickets or the airlines website. International flights allow more weight than national carriers. Careful. They charge all out of proportion for over weight baggage.

  4. G’day,

    If you are on economy class, usually 20kg/person for checked-in baggages, and no suitcases that weigh more than 20kb individually. The hand luggage is abt 5kg/person in total. Again… as the others told you, check with the airline.

    They may allow abt 5kg/person overweight without charging extra, but pls come as early as possible on the day of the flight (maybe 3hrs before flight) so the place not too full. If you come too late, no allowance given.

    As a person who actively assist int. student in Melbourne, I usually suggest not to bring too many food to Australia. Maybe just the one for you to eat the first nite, since there are plenty kinds of foods now available in Australia. I know they are more expensive compared to your home country, but I say it is still better than paying overweight charges from the airline.

    Hope this helps. E-mail me at if you have any more questions abt study in Australia or coming in :) Have a safe and good trip.

  5. 20kg but no more than 25 kg is usually fine. hand luggage max 7kg. Don’t bring too much stuff. Bring a few jumpers as it is chilly then. Food dont worry about it as most stuff u can buy here at the shops.

  6. it might vary accordingly wit each airline but just keep under the 20kg line… irrelevant

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