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is there any such thing as a passenger travel allowance?

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the travel agent in ghana told me that the passenger traveling out of that country needs to prove to have at least $2000.00USD in order to fly out of the country, is that true?

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  1. I have heard of this but have never had that happen to me. It is supposed to guarantee that you have enough money to travel back to your country after you vacation.

  2. I would like to know the answer also I have been asked to send min. $800.00 to cover PTA for friend coming from Ghana this is after spending a lot on tickets and visas, I am discouraged. If you find the answer please email me. Michael

  3. Do anyone know of a requirement my customs in Ivory Coast that tourist visa travelers to the U. S. States to show they have money $1200 for subsidence while traveling. Please email me back at

  4. Thats a good question i have been asked to loan it to a friend and i am very so-so on the subject

  5. I was also asked by my USA friend who is in Nigeria just about to get on board a plane for Hong Kong but the officials at the Airport asked him for 3000USD as PTA. What the hell has it to do with the Nigeria when my friend who is USA citizen travelling to HK. If the PTA is a proof of the travellers to have enough money to spend in HK, it should be the HK Government to take such action, but I am sure HK Government doesnt ask the Nigerian Government to take such kind of stupid action. Can anybody tell me what the hell of this PTA is? Is it a kind of corruption by the Nigerian officials or it is just a lie told by my USA friend?

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